Not able to Print logs using SLF4j from Idp

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Fri May 29 10:05:17 EDT 2015

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>We are using Slf4j and implementing slf4j with log4j to print the logs in console as well as in the file.The code which we are trying to printing the logs from created jar which is placed in the tomcat(idp/Web-Inf/lib) but when running the application i am not able to see printing the logs in the console.

If you want to get logging via log4j to work, you drop in a shim that implements log4j on top of slf4j, which is available from the slf4j project.

You do NOT configure log4j itself, I don't believe.

>Update: I got the following error even i have added dependency libs(slf4j-log4j12-1.7.5, log4j along with slf4j):

That implements slf4j calls by using log4j, you want to do the opposite, log4j over slf4j.

-- Scott

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