More NameID Gen logs?

Misagh Moayyed mmoayyed at
Tue May 26 10:18:25 EDT 2015

I recently had to troubleshoot a nameid generation issue whose config relied upon a source attribute. While the fix turned out to be pretty trivial, (incorrect format string) I realized I could benefit from more log statements at DEBUG that would allow me to trace the decision making logic of the Idp. If I recall, there were only 2 logging statements that showed up in the log output, one attempting to reconcile the format and one reporting that it failed to do so. It would be great if there were other statements in between that explained the entire story. 

Offhand, I don’t remember if enabling TRACE does the same trick, but I presume that shows the trace of whole execution blocks, methods in and out and that would be way too noisy for the case I was dealing with. 

- Misagh

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