multiple sp hosts behind a firewall/proxy etc

Musil, William wmusil at
Sun May 24 18:49:45 EDT 2015

RelayState set to "cookie", worse - mad looping.

GET, POST, GET, POST and on and on.

Reading through the diagnosis possibilities. 

Maybe ss:mem is not so bad after all :-D

I have also set cookieProps = "http" as I am not using SSL for this proof of concept. It didn’t help.

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>Now that I am using the proxy config as suggested, the redirect after success just sends me back to the root of the site, dropping the context. I am protecting /CR/rc/login. Instead of redirecting me to the http://proxy/CR/rc/login after talking to the idp, it sends me to http://proxy.

The default relay state mechanism is in-memory, so if you're switching systems mid-stream, it's not going to work. Change it to use a cookie and you can make that work even if the relay state is set on a different SP instance from the one that handles the response.

-- Scott

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