multiple sp hosts behind a firewall/proxy etc

Musil, William wmusil at
Sun May 24 17:27:16 EDT 2015

I did it all over again, perhaps I fat fingered it.

I used testshib to create the dummy shibboleth2.xml
I started shibd and httpd and ran /Shibboleth.sso/Metadata.
I stopped shibd and httpd
I uploaded the metadata to testshib (note that this failed once, dunno why, uploaded it a second time and it went)
Start shibd and httpd and I am getting through.

I can turn off one or the other shibd and httpd and connecting just sends me to the running one.

I have one and only one problem now.

Now that I am using the proxy config as suggested, the redirect after success just sends me back to the root of the site, dropping the context. I am protecting /CR/rc/login. Instead of redirecting me to the http://proxy/CR/rc/login after talking to the idp, it sends me to http://proxy.

Note that before attempting this proxy specific configuration it was all working internally, but of course I was getting redirects to the individual backend servers, including the post-login process with the correct context which of course cannot work beyond a NAT boundary. So before this I was not getting dumped to the root of the site. This works on a single node implementation as well.

Am I missing something where configuring for reverse proxy strips my protected context on redirect?

If after testshib login, where it dumps me to the root of the site,  I simply retype the URL with /CR/rc/login at the end, it sees that I am already authenticated with idp and takes me to the post login process under the CR context. So it works, it just looks funny. Of course end users don’t like that.

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>OK Scott and Peter, I guess I am still not getting it.
>I created a keypair with the proxy name ( as hostname and entity, and a shibboleth2.xml that I created using testshib page.

The name in the cert means nothing whatsoever.

>Failed to decrypt assertion: Unable to resolve any key decryption keys

Then the testshib IdP is using a different key to encrypt under than the SP receiving it is using.

-- Scott

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