Idp v311 installation at non-default loc

Misagh Moayyed mmoayyed at
Fri May 22 14:25:22 EDT 2015

What is the process involved in installing the IdP v311 at a non-default location? I just ran through a basic exercise, and upon starting tomcat, I see:

2015-05-22 22:17:46.934 [ WARN] : net.shibboleth.idp.spring.IdPPropertiesApplicationContextInitializer: Unable to find '/conf/' at well known locations '[/opt/shibboleth-idp]’

Of course, that is not where I have installed the Idp. So, is there something else I need to modify in order to make the location known? Modify the IdPPropertiesApplicationContextInitializer to set my path to a known location? possible bug? 

- Misagh

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