customizing the login page for shibboleth

Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at
Fri May 22 13:14:50 EDT 2015

On 5/22/15, 1:07 PM, "Jesse Santana" <Jesse.Santana at> wrote:

>                Expand the idp.war file into a temporary directory (jar xvf idp.war)
>                Edit the files we customize for our environment
>                Wrap up the war file again (jar cvf idp.war ./)
>                Deploy the new war file and test

For V2, the install script takes care of rebuilding the war after you change things. The intended procedure is to edit the files in the unpacked distribution tree.

For V3 the approach is to put customized content in edit-webapp/ and run the build script.

-- Scott

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