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Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at
Fri May 22 10:02:10 EDT 2015

* Musil, William <wmusil at> [2015-05-22 08:31]:
> Sorry for the second post.I forgot to mention that I am trying to get the RHEL rpm packages for recently released SP v2.5.4

I have addressed this half a dozen times.

There are no true mirrors of the OBS service and I have no control over what people do or don't mirror. These are not broken links, they're incomplete mirrors. The packages are all there. There is simply no direct access to them because of the OBS' model.

This is what I can provide in the way of packaging, and if it's not sufficient, you will need to make other arrangements for your needs.

If somebody from the community knows how to set up a mirror of the packages and wants to provide the instructions, I can certainly do that at some point since just like everybody else I can choose to mirror only what I care about. Otherwise it will be one of the things I'll look into when I have the time.

The official packages are, and always will be, the sources. Everything else apart from the Windows package is best effort.

-- Scott

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