Externalized XML Access Control Rules with Apache 2.4

Thomas Baerecke thomas.baerecke at switch.ch
Fri May 22 04:25:43 EDT 2015


I am trying to define XML access control rules in an external file using 
the |ShibAccessControl command in the apache configuration to include 
the file. I'm using the Shibboleth SP Version 2.5.4. With Apache 2.2 
everything works as expected, but Apache 2.4 states that the command is 

Mai 22 10:15:11 <host>.switch.ch httpd[7002]: Invalid command 
'ShibAccessControl', perhaps misspelled or defined by a module not 
included in the server configuration

In my configuration (for Apache 2.4.6 on RHEL 7) I have the following:

<Location />
   AuthType shibboleth
   ShibRequestSetting requireSession true
   Require shibboleth
   ShibAccessControl /etc/httpd/access_control_rules.xml

Did anyone already get this to run under Apache 2.4? If yes, what are 
the necessary steps to get it running?

Thanks for your answers.

Best regards,



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