IDP v3 - OpenLDAP password policy - locked account [SOLVED]

Emilio Penna emilio.penna at
Thu May 21 19:08:30 EDT 2015

I added content to the section "Account State" in

with an introduction and details of handling account state with OpenLDAP.

The configuration described, enables to inform the user in the login
page of:

- expired account
- expiring account warning
- locked account


El 19/05/2015 a las 10:48 p.m., Cantor, Scott escribió:
> On 5/19/15, 9:43 PM, "Emilio Penna" <emilio.penna at> wrote:
>> As I said previously, expired and expiring account messages are also
>> working after configuring ldap-authn-config.xml.
>> The comments at the bottom of  ldap-authn-config.xml were very useful,
>> but, as you said, not so clear to configure, they forced me to learn a
>> bit about spring config... not so bad in the end... :)
> I've never configured them, so if you have the ability to add any notes or 
> examples at the bottom of [1], it would be helpful to others.
> -- Scott
> [1] 

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