apache2/idp kerberos RemoteUserInternal with Password flow fallback

Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at osu.edu
Tue May 19 08:35:40 EDT 2015

On 5/19/15, 3:57 AM, "Raffael Sahli" <sahli at gyselroth.com> wrote:
>I'm not sure if I understand the wiki part correctly, but I should call
>it with _eventId_authn/RemoteUser ?


>Did I miss something?
>idp.authn.flows           = RemoteUser|Password
>idp.authn.flows.initial  = Password

Why are you using the initial flow feature? That's not going to work with a button to run the other flow, only the single initial flow is active during that stage. Just comment it out.

-- Scott

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