shibboleth vs those "other" idps

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I hope it goes without saying, but just in case:
I'm convinced, on board, and proselytizing for Shibboleth;
I really appreciate Scott's points.  I'm looking for reasons
and stories that may be more persuasive to the skeptics
and "brand-loyalty" I encounter.  "Brand loyalty" includes
the Ellucian/Banner tilt mentioned, Google whatever, existing
CAS deployment, as well as in-house developed one-offs.

David Bantz

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> On 5/14/15, 4:32 PM, "Rob Gorrell" <rwgorrel at> wrote:
> >
> >No doubt here, I understand that and fully agree. However, I'm wondering
> about arguments that work mid-small University shops where that culture
> hasn't yet been understood or embraced benefits of open source? Where
> resources are more limited to a single position or a fraction of a position
> supporting IdM and SSO.
> It's hard to be all things, unfortunately, and I work in a big place that
> needs big things.
> > That is more where I find myself. Sadly speaking, business mindsets and
> corporate efficiencies are many times drawn to proprietary solutions making
> the conceptual bigger picture tougher to see. Which is why
> > my question was more focused on short term, obvious, feature-type
> comparisons as an initial means of exposing the larger ideals which I
> completely get.
> Aside from customizability, which is just not relevant to a shop like
> that, the main feature is also not one that has materialized all that well,
> and that's federation at scale. The campus to campus use cases just haven't
> emerged, and the cloud services are simply not federated, they're
> multi-tenanted, which is a totally different problem that tolerates a
> totally different solution.
> -- Scott
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