Walter Forbes Hoehn (wassa) wassa at
Wed May 13 11:22:17 EDT 2015

You are probably going to have to provide more detail in order for anyone to help.  I’ve successfully deployed the CAS protocol support following the instructions linked in your message, so I can verify that it works.  If you are trying to integrate the IdP with the Jasig CAS server, these instructions don’t apply.


> On May 13, 2015, at 3:12 AM, samir el otmani <elotmani.samir at> wrote:
> Hi all ,
> i successfully upgraded the idp into the 3.1 version , and i try to make the CAS as RemoteUser , i read the CAS configuration documentation in
> and i think the CAS configuration is only done for local CAS server  , even if couldnt make a working example .
> can anyone explain to me how it will be configured .

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