Choice of up-gradation of IDP from 2.4.0 to

Rod Widdowson rdw at
Wed May 13 06:34:41 EDT 2015

> Please help me out in this up gradation. If the IDP version is a 
> preferred choice, 

> Where can I get 
> the documentation on the features of

I would review

That is work in progress and is all that currently exists by way of documentation.  It covers the things that we believe that the majority of deployers will need.

> and 2.4.0?.

> . Is it a preferred 
> choice to upgrade to version?. Is it a stable version?.

Says "The current stable release of the Identity Provider is V3.1.1"

> what is the best way to do the migration from 2.4.0?

> I would like to know what are all the 
> features added and removed/depreciate in the latest version

The major area of deprecation is described here.

For additional features you will need to review the configuration.

However an important take away is that, modulo AuthN we worked quite hard to make things backwards compatible and the upgrade process easy.


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