Choice of up-gradation of IDP from 2.4.0 to

sarath upadrista upadrista.sarath at
Wed May 13 00:59:06 EDT 2015

  I am using Shibboleth IDP 2.4.0. Now we would like to upgrade our version
to IDP. Before upgrading our version, I would like to know what are
all the features added and removed/depreciate in the latest version. Is it
a preferred choice to upgrade to version?. Is it a stable version?.
Where can I get the documentation on the features of and 2.4.0?. I
would like to compare them.

Please help me out in this up gradation. If the IDP version is a
preferred choice, what is the best way to do the migration from 2.4.0?

Thanks & Regards,
Sarath U
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