idp.authn.LDAP.sslConfig set to jvmTrust odity

Dave Perry Dave.Perry at
Tue May 12 05:38:41 EDT 2015

I know I’m not Scott, but I had a v3 config working with ssl defined as disabled. That worked fine (barring the SAML1 bit, which is why I carried on tinkering, without taking a snapshot, and broke it – waiting for a support response on what I’ve done to Jetty).


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Hi Scott, I'm facing similar issues with and would like to ask, is it possible to retrieve attributes without any TLS/SSL configuration?(and without ldap-server.crt) Or should idp.authn.LDAP.sslConfig and trustCertificates always be defined?

On Tue, May 12, 2015 at 6:08 AM, Cantor, Scott <cantor.2 at<mailto:cantor.2 at>> wrote:
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>On 5/11/15, 1:09 PM, "Jeffrey Crawford" <jeffreyc at<mailto:jeffreyc at>> wrote:
>>The first scenario is sort of hit or miss so let me figure that one out, but the second issue trying to use the resolver is pretty consistent:
>>idp.authn.LDAP.sslConfig                        = jvmTrust
>>idp.authn.LDAP.trustCertificates                = %{idp.home}/credentials/ldap-server.crt
>>However ldap-server.crt file doesn't exist:, then excecute:
>>shibboleth-idp/bin/ -id shibboleth.AttributeResolverService
>That should happen on start up anyway, it shouldn't take a reload.

I just tested with a resolver connector using that property with the property set to a non-existent file, and the IdP starts but with a failed resolver service, no reload involved.

If you want to fail outright, change the failFast property on that service.

It's behaving as designed as far as I can see, modulo the question of whether we can accomodate comment it out, which is much harder.

-- Scott

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