Integration of Discovery Service

Peter Schober peter.schober at
Wed May 6 10:27:11 EDT 2015

* Tom Scavo <trscavo at> [2015-05-06 13:53]:
> ScottK, what is it about your current deployment that caused your
> users to ask for a centralized discovery service? From a user
> perspective, there are only two advantages I can think of: a central
> cookie and consistent branding across apps. Is there something else?

Note that the REFEDS discovery work (or rather NISO ESPRESSO, on which
it is based) has shown that "branding" at discovery step may not be
the "advantage" you claim it to be above: What I want is access to my
resources and applications (SP). What I need to know is the name of my
institution (IDP). Everything else is just distraction and noise.

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