Integration of Discovery Service

Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at
Tue May 5 11:59:56 EDT 2015

On 5/5/15, 11:29 AM, "Chris Phillips" <Chris.Phillips at> wrote:

>Yes it's a concern as a consortium member.

Are you guys using it? That's news to us.

>I just glanced at: 
>Your comments don't necessarily align with the roadmap in the Planned work
>section or the email from Justin K. I received today..

The CDS issue has been under discussion and since most of the people we thought were using it aren't, that made us reassess before starting to do that work. We haven't made a final decision.

The EOL annoucnement hasn't been published to the wiki or announce list yet, I'm doing that today, but there's nothing on that road map page that contradicts the EOL decision (in fact we agreed to longer than the tentative date we posted there).

>I understand things change, but those who look at the roadmap and make
>plans would like some better signalling on (proposed?) shifts in plans
>like this.

What shift (other than the CDS which hasn't really been decided, and that's why I asked)? We have, essentially over 12 months before the CDS would die of its own accord, so there's been no rush to make a decision.

>Not all consortium participants track shib-users list so things of this
>nature should appear on the consortium list or in the consortium meeting
>minutes as technical roadmap updates maybe?

Any real proposal to end that code base would not be done informally here.

-- Scott

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