Converting Nameids to v3

Misagh Moayyed mmoayyed at
Mon May 4 14:29:27 EDT 2015


This is more of a how-to question. I am trying to figure out the steps
required to convert a deprecated Saml2NameId attribute definition to new.
In my v2 config, I have an eduPersonTargettedID of type Saml2NameID and
nameIdFormat of persistent. It has two encoders of Saml1XmlObject and


This is what I have so far in v3, having removed the attribute definition
from the resolver file first:


1.       Uncmmented the SAML2PersistentGenerator bean

2.       In saml-nameid properties, I added the source attribute and the


What are the remaining steps required to release this attribute? (It's
already configured for release) 


I suppose what I have at this point is the generation step, but I am not
clear on what's required for the consumption step (and release)



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