IdPv3 and generating persistent NameID

Sara Hopkins sara.hopkins at
Fri May 1 12:55:35 EDT 2015

On 01/05/2015 17:04, Cantor, Scott wrote:

> The point being that because that's actually a feature difference as
> opposed to "it works the same but is configured differently",
> actually removing those deprecated AttributeEncoders will be a longer
> conversation, not something we do on a whim. But they're still
> deprecated. By which I mean, their use shouldn't be encouraged in any
> default material, and any existing use should be looked at as a thing
> to remediate.

Hence my investigations.

>> eduPersonTargetedID/urn:oid: is a core UK
>> federation attribute,
> It's not meant to be an attribute though except in SAML 1, which
> ought to be fading out of use anyway.

OK. Unfortunately no one told me that six years ago. Nor in the 
intervening years until now, for that matter.

> For use as a NameID, you use the new generators, which work exactly
> the same way. To support it as an Attribute, you have to use the
> deprecated feature.

OK, many thanks.

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