Can't retrieve attributes at Authentication phase

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> Hi
> I am trying to retrieve the user's mobile number at the authentication
> phase. We have an Active Directory LDS server. In my previous experience AD
> servers didn't need any special permissions to read the directory but AD
> LDS has three roles - admin, readers and users. Users can't retrieve
> anything from the LDAP but can authenticate against it. While readers can
> read the LDAP and attributes and admins have full access. So once I created
> a reader user and configured its credentials, I am now getting attributes
> from the LDAP at the attribute resolution phase but nothing at the
> authentication phase.
> I initially thought the problem might be the fact I was
> using adAuthenticator and that did not seem to set the bind credentials (so
> that we use the reader credentials) so I switched to using the
> bindSearchAuthenticator but still not getting anything returned. Logs are
> shown below. I am checking the LdapEntry within the LDAPResponseContext for
> the attributes.
> Any help or hints would be much appreciated!

You need to wire up a SearchEntryResolver that has the credentials to view
the attributes you want. I'll try to get you some documentation on that
later today.

--Daniel Fisher
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