attribute release base on a cross-listed attribute in metadata

Dave Perry Dave.Perry at
Thu Feb 26 05:06:07 EST 2015

Thanks Ian.
I dropped attribute-resolver, -filter and relying-party files in from the v2 config yesterday into the v3 system and it's erroring. I'll go through the log today and see if there are helpful hints to what it doesn't like.


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> On 26 Feb 2015, at 09:35, Dave Perry <Dave.Perry at> wrote:
> I think on our v2.3.8 IdP that targetedID is used, but I'm setting up a v3 one currently to supercede it.
> Will users not lose existing personalisation if we use the new NameID approach?

The simplest approach is to reuse your v2 attribute release configuration under v3. That way, the same attributes will be released as before and compatibility will be preserved. You don't have to start from scratch; moving to v3 and your attribute policies can be entirely separate discussions.

    -- Ian

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