FIXED: Porting advanced v2 resolver config to v3

Marvin Addison marvin.addison at
Wed Feb 11 10:43:04 EST 2015

I got this working by making two changes you can see in this diff:

-  <resolver:DataConnector id="edEntitlement" xsi:type="dc:LDAPDirectory"
 springResources="%{idp.home}/conf/ed-entitlement-data-connector.xml" />
+  <resolver:DataConnector id="edEntitlement" xsi:type="dc:LDAPDirectory"
+    <resolver:Dependency ref="edPerson" />
+    <dc:ResultCache elementTimeToLive="PT10S" maximumCachedElements="200"
+  </resolver:DataConnector>

I'm fairly certain that the root cause is that I was missing a dependency
reference. I defined the ResultCache here since the config was more
succinct, though it still seems like the cache is not shared between data
connectors with that config; if that's correct then cache sharing isn't
needed. I don't care about caching mechanics as long as attribute
resolution works, which it does.

Also, I want to clarify that expressions like the following still work in


Where $uid is an attribute resolved by a dependency data connector.

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