IdP 3.2 and DuoSecurity options

Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at
Thu Dec 31 15:01:26 EST 2015

> Hmm, maybe I'll try it again. The instructions didn't exactly apply, as some
> paths have changed.

Such as? Nothing has changed that should affect any plugin written to use public APIs. That's a part of our versioning policy.

Also, you are mistaken about support. 3.1 is unsupported formally speaking *now*. We have never, and don't expect we will ever, formally support multiple branches of a major version. That's always been true for the entire history of the project and with every component we ever shipped.

Support implies that we would provide patches for security issues, and that will not happen. If a security issue arises, you will get it in a 3.2.x release only.

Shibboleth minor releases are mandatory upgrades and cannot be avoided. We guarantee plugin compatibility across all minor upgrades, and that's why.

-- Scott

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