Supported credential types

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Tue Dec 29 10:09:35 EST 2015

On 12/29/15, 9:57 AM, "users on behalf of Rod Widdowson" <users-bounces at on behalf of rdw at> wrote:

>> DSA is extremely unusual. But you'll have to wait for Brent or Rod to
>answer if
>> it's not documented.
>It will need to wait for Brent, I can only really speak authoritatively
>about the old legacy relying-party.xml (and to answer that:  it’s the
>Metadata Trust Engines which are not supported (sec:MetadataExplicitKey,
>sec:MetadataExplicitKeySignature, sec:MetadataPKIXX509Credential,

Yeah, but it's fair to say that the only factory bean we did was for the X509Credential case, right?

The actual object type here is just Credential, so ultimately it's a matter of constructing an instance of that by wiring up classes.

-- Scott

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