nameID selection in v2 legacy mode

Andrew Morgan morgan at
Mon Dec 28 19:48:44 EST 2015

On Tue, 29 Dec 2015, Cantor, Scott wrote:

> On 12/28/15, 6:11 PM, "users on behalf of Andrew Morgan" 
> <users-bounces at on behalf of morgan at> wrote:
>> When Xfinity identified the problem with their SP, they suggested we send
>> a persistent NameID containing the EPPN.  We do that for a couple other
>> services, so I tried to implement that in the same way.
> "Persistent" would mean a pairwise, opaque value, you would never use 
> that format with something like EPPN unless you were very deliberately 
> choosing to never support a targeted ID. Never, ever, ever use a single 
> format to mean different things for different SPs. That is total 
> madness. Push back, scream, kick, bite, but never do that.

Umm, I won't tell you how many vendors we did this for!  :)

What NameID format would be appropriate for EPPN?

>> I don't need clusterable IDs because we do not support artifacts or
>> attribute query.  How do I switch back to the old transientID format?  Is
>> it as simple as setting:
>> idp.transientId.generator = shibboleth.StoredTransientIdGenerator
> Yes.
> But they have a bug. I'll take the blame for the fact that "transient" 
> has too few constraints on it in SAML (length, charset) but not allowing 
> 256 bytes and any legal XML character is pretty much a non-starter for 
> any SP.

Yeah, the definitely have a bug.  Supposedly they are upgrading to a new 
OpenAM on January 4th to fix the NameID processing.

>> I don't see where I can set the Storage Service for it (in-memory would be
>> great).
> It's not exposed at the moment, at least without just outright 
> overriding a system bean.

What Storage Service does it use then?  I'm running it now just fine, so I 
assume it uses some default in-memory storage.

>> Should I remove all of my transientID handling in attribute-filter.xml?
> I don't think there's anyway for those rules to affect anything now, but 
> I would have to think about it. You'd have to have the new transient ID 
> generator plugin disabled I think.

Okay.  Certainly when I was actively trying to block the transientID, it 
was unsuccessful.  Maybe I'll play around on my DEV instance to see if 
there is any effect when I remove the blocks in my existing rules.


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