Need to modify AuthnContextClassRef in ExternalAuth

Stefan Santesson stefan at
Tue Dec 22 12:15:56 EST 2015

Just to be sure we don’t miss out on any non standard things on my side.

I’m running 3 tomcats on the same server. The first is a default ubuntu tomcat 7 install. The 2 others run one Shibboleth v3.2.1 IdP each.
The tomcats running the shib IdPs are running on non standard ports in order to not get into port conflict with the first tomcat.

First IdP Tomcat runs on port 8084 with AJP on port 8010
Second IdP Tomcat runs on port 8085 with AJP on port 8011

This was no issue what so ever with version 3.1.1 and with server side storage 3.2.1 runs fine.


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