MySQl attribute Mapping in Shibboleth IDP

Yasser Afifi yasser at
Thu Dec 17 06:40:17 EST 2015

I am new to Shibboleth and trying to configure Shibboleth IDP. I am using
mysql connector to connect to my test database. My test database has 2
tables. User and Role. User table has only two columns: id and userName, as
well as a foreign key column for the RoleId. The Role table has two columns
as well roleId and roleName. There is a Many to One relationship between
the two table where a user can have only one role but a role can be used by
many users.

 I am defining attributes to be sent to the SP in my attribute-resolver.xml
file. I want to send the roleName of the user to the SP. My question is: In
the attribute-resolver.xml, how can I get the roleName from the role table
that correspond to the userID ?

Thanks a lot
Kind Regards,
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