sticky session using load balancer

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Wed Dec 16 19:54:17 EST 2015


We would like to enable Shibboleth SP Clustering. Our environment currently
has 1 Load balancer and 4 Apache servers. Each Apache server runs
Shibboleth SP 2.5.5.

As mentioned in the following documentation, I enabled the session
stickyness for 2 mins in the load balancer.

shibboleth2.xml does not declare any StorageService element. By default,
Shibboleth would use the memory storage service. I could login into my
application successfully. After 3 or 4 minutes idleness, Shibboleth looses
the session and redirects me to the application welcome page.

Is the clustering possible just by enabling the session stickyness in load
balancer? Or do I need to use shared process or shared database approach?


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