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Wed Dec 16 08:56:36 EST 2015

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>We identified this issue (not exactly but similar) in testing and found a pretty straightforward workaround: defining a custom 500 error page in web.xml. It's a trivial fix we should consider.

I forgot you can do code mappings in web.xml portably, yes, that's probably a reasonable fix until I think of something better. I probably would do it as an MVC controller now, but I don't know how easy it will be to do that change in place.

>I'm fairly certain you're getting this behavior because your bookmark includes a Webflow state identifier in the URL; the conversation=e1s1 bit. That's presumably an artifact of the Jasig CAS server that also uses Webflow for processing at the /login URI, but it's confusing the IdP.

No, it would do it anyway. The error is from the call to startExternalAuthentication and the error message might be different, but it's still throwing a ServletException if that call fails. I didn't think about the bookmark problem in the RemoteUser case when I did that.

-- Scott

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