V3.2 - attribute-filter- Cannot find the declaration of element 'AttributeFilterPolicyGroup'.

Rod Widdowson rdw at steadingsoftware.com
Tue Dec 15 12:33:42 EST 2015

> I was looking at the v2 legacy namespace mapping page yesterday [1]. It
> looks like there may be some formatting errors towards the bottom of the
> table, where two rows have been merged into one. 

It's actually mean to be like that: the cases like 

saml:AttributeRequesterInEntityGroup,  saml:InEntityGroup, InEntityGroup 


The V2 name (saml:AttributeRequesterInEntityGroup), supported in V2 and all
V3 versions.
The initial V3 name (saml:InEntityGroup), supported in all V3 versions
The V3.2 and later name (InEntityGroup)

They all refer to the same filter which is why I put them in one column.  If
someone has a better idea how to indicate that let me know (or better still
edit the wiki...)


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