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There is a script here : .. that can do it, because crafting a SOAP message by hand is a PITA .. but it won't do exactly the same thing as Exchange. That you can run in *nix.

There is a "client test" app from Exchange Online here : (click on the "client" tab) .. you will need Windows to run it (sorry) but it will test both the web based and ECP based login, using the same method as O365.

Note that if you've enabled ADAL/SAML for your tenant under the "modern authentication" scheme, it changes the way ECP acts. You would have had to do this with powershell or a PSS ticket though.


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Happy Monday everyone,

I was wondering if anyone had a method of testing an ECP Configuration? We've federated with Office 365 but I suspect that the ECP Configuration is off because students can no longer use the native mail app on the iPad to get their Office 365 mail (I don't know about Android.)


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