How to pass Sp entityId from Idp to Shibboleth Sp?

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Mon Dec 14 10:03:38 EST 2015

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>#1: I have some mapping based on Shibboleth entity Id into my database table, I am able to connect to database using RelationalDatabase DataConnector but to get value from DB I need entityId.

The documentation covers the information made available to the templates for building SQL statements.

>#2. Here, I want to understand both part:
>   I) I can see entityId as Audience but I am not sure how to retrieve it as SP side.?

That doesn't make any sense. That *is* the SP. If it doesn't know its own name, the idP isn't the one to be telling it.

> Could you point me to some link or some references so that I can retrieve SP entityId as well as Idp entityId ?

The built-in variables populated by the SP include the IdP's entityID, as documented.

-- Scott

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