Ordering of ACS endpoints

Robert Lowe robertmlowe at rmlowe.com
Mon Dec 14 07:14:32 EST 2015

> * Robert Lowe <robertmlowe at rmlowe.com> [2015-12-09 13:51]:
> > It uses SessionInitiators, but it doesn't include explicit
> > md:AssertionConsumerService elements.
> I'd start by migrating to the new syntax, then,
> cf. shibboleth2.xml.dist

Thanks Peter, I can confirm that using the SSO syntax instead of
SessionInitiator resolves the issue.

So what I'm taking away from this is:

   - protocols.xml has no effect if you use SessionInitiators, it only
   takes effect if you use the SSO syntax; and
   - SSPCPP-672 <https://issues.shibboleth.net/jira/browse/SSPCPP-672> only
   impacts SessionInitiators, not the SSO syntax.

Best regards,

Robert Lowe
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