Windows Azure Access Control Service

Robert Lowe robertmlowe at
Mon Dec 14 06:29:36 EST 2015

Hi list,

I see some old discussions around Access Control Service and whether it can
be made to talk to the Shibboleth SP (such as this one
<>), but no
clear resolution, so thought I'd raise this again to see if there's any new
information out there.

Here's what I've managed to figure out so far.

   - Access Control Service is claimed to have “support for SAML token
   formats <>.”
   I take this to mean that it uses SAML assertions in some form, but doesn't
   support the full SSO profile.
   - In fact, it looks like Access Control Service can send SAML assertions
   inside WS-Federation messages.
   - The SP clearly supports WS-Federation
   <> in
   some form, however this seems to be specifically targeted at ADFSv1, so
   it's not clear whether this would be sufficient to talk to Access Control

Any insight welcomed. :-)

Best regards,

Robert Lowe
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