SP RelayState not used with mod_jk even if returned by the IdP

gael.thiabaud at fr.michelin.com gael.thiabaud at fr.michelin.com
Tue Dec 8 08:53:34 EST 2015

Dear Shibboleth team,

I solve my issue that was due to a mi- configuration of the cookieProps
I put cookieProps="; path=/; secure; HttpOnly" and it works perfectly.

I diagnose the issue by using a FireFox 24 in place of a Firefox 42.

With a FF24, the requests was looping but with the FF40 the browser was 
displaying me the 404 page provided by the application served by mod_jk.

Strange that the behavior could be depending of the browser version!

Take care to reproduce the issues with different browsers and browser 



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