Stored persistent ID and migration to 3.2

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Mon Dec 7 17:18:18 EST 2015

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>In I set =

And the other/new dataSource property isn't set?

>I've watched the mysql general_logs table to see what's flowing and it's
>not clear how the 23000 error determination is happening.
>I see the dummy insertion and deletion at the end.

There's a second insert done and that either succeeds (which means there's no key defined), or it fails and it checks if the SQLState value coming back is configured in the retryableErrors collection. You should have that logged one way or the other. Not just an insert and delete. It's two inserts and then a delete.

>It's like retryableErrors is not being trapped/observed and would like a
>recommendation on how to chase this down further.

Well, if it's not configuring that, the config isn't what you think it is. There's no way I know of to debug that other than an actual debugger. I'd also make sure there aren't any other log messages suggesting it's generating some kind of compatibility config because of older settings.

The exception handling code's quite simple:

if (!retryableErrors.contains(e.getSQLState())) {
   log.warn("{} Duplicate insert failed as required with SQL State '{}', ensure this value is "
      + "configured as a retryable error", getLogPrefix(), e.getSQLState());

-- Scott

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