IdP 3.2 - ECDHE cipher

John Horne john.horne at
Fri Dec 4 10:59:14 EST 2015

On Fri, 2015-12-04 at 15:45 +0000, John Horne wrote:

> We have IdP 3.2 with Jetty 9.3.6 running on a RHEL7 server. In the
> jetty log file at start up we see:
> 13:51:00.985 - INFO
> [org.eclipse.jetty.util.ssl.SslContextFactory:1246]
> - No Cipher matching 'TLS_ECDHE.*' is supported
> I have installed the JCE Unlimited policy files, but for some reason
> the ECDHE ciphers do not seem to be recognized. If I run jetty with
> debug logging, it shows the cipher list and that does not have ECDHE 
> in it. If I run 'openssl ciphers' though, ECDHE is present.
Sorry about that, I hit send instead of save. I was just going to add
that I feel that I have missed or mis-understood something, and so the
ECDHE ciphers are not seen. I have spent a while googling but have
found very little about this particular error. Most suggestions seem to
suggest that installing the JCE unlimited policy files, followed by an
app restart or server reboot, should be enough.

Anyone any ideas/suggestions about this?



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