Disabling directory listings in Jetty

Wessel, Keith kwessel at illinois.edu
Wed Dec 2 16:57:27 EST 2015

No problem, and thanks for the link. My way did work out to be easier and gave me the desired 403 message.

For the archives, the XML servlet defition I included earlier worked perfectly added to web.xml as-is. A quick rebuild, and we're in business.

Thanks, Scott.


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>Is there a link missing from that reply, Scott? I don't see anything going with [1].

Sorry, http://stackoverflow.com/questions/19406298/jetty-7-disable-directory-list-at

>I did find a reference to this in a Stack Overflow thread, and the suggested addition to web.xml (to Jetty's default servlet) was:

That might be the better fix because that runs in the context where the directory listing is showing up.

-- Scott
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