Reasons to use/not use HTML local storage?

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Wed Dec 2 12:53:33 EST 2015

Thanks, Scott. Such a toggle might be useful if it exists or can be added in a future release.


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>Turn which off? SAML logout or HTML local storage? I assume you mean turn off SAML logout and use HTML local storage for both purposes.


Something that actually isn't going to work out of the box is to remove SLO endpoints from your metadata, but then use the proprietary logout. That will try and propagate SAML logouts if it can do so, and then that will be a problem since the SPs won't be able to respond to your IdP (because of the missing SLO endpoint).

I can't recall that Marvin or I included some kind of toggle to avoid propagating logout (essentially restoring the previous logout behavior), but just modifying the logout view(s) should accomplish that by having it auto-select the "don't do global logout" choice the user is offered.

-- Scott

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