seeking elp with properly specifying a "redirect URL"

Pottinger, Hardy J. PottingerHJ at
Mon Aug 31 18:27:45 EDT 2015

Hi, I'm a committer for DSpace [1], I'm trying to find a resolution for an issue [2] which involves properly specifying a redirect URL for sending a user after they successfully login on our Shibboleth IdP. In the past, I've used the "target" parameter to do this, however, it seems like DSpace uses "target" for handling *all* successful logins, and the login type I am especially interested in right now is the one that results from an interrupted session (insufficient privileges). I'm wondering if there might be a resource somewhere to help me understand how the target parameter is supposed to work? I've found the wiki page on Session Creation Parameters [3] but I'm still not clear on how exactly the target parameter is supposed to work, or what options are available.

Sorry for the very application-specific question. General responses appreciated nonetheless. Thanks!



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