Nested LDAP queries: query 2 using results from query 1 in IdPv3

Markus Frei markus.frei at
Mon Aug 31 03:16:33 EDT 2015

Hi all,

Our users are authenticated against our LDAP, the web applications are 
getting user information from the SP and everything is working as 

Now I need to enrich the user information, but for this I have to fetch 
our LDAP multiple times:

1. Using the $requestContext.principalName I have to query a 
"Relationship" tree, asking to which organizations the user belongs to.

2. Using these results I have to query a "Organization" tree, fetch 
organizational attributes and pass them to the SP.

I am able to configure the IdPv3 (, 
attribute-resolver.xml) to do two or more independent queries, but I do 
not know how to configure a LDAP query using a result list of a 
previous query. Can someone give me a hint?

Best Regards

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