idpv3 attribute-resolver + PluginActivationConditions

Tom Scavo trscavo at
Thu Aug 27 08:47:18 EDT 2015

On Thu, Aug 27, 2015 at 8:25 AM, Jarno Huuskonen <jarno.huuskonen at> wrote:
> Ok, the edugain metadata our idp uses is specific/customized for our idp
> (HAKA federation generates this metadata for us) so it's not complete
> edugain aggregate metadata.

Well, using "edugain" in the Name is confusing since eduGAIN also uses
"edugain" in the name, but honestly, if you have any say in this, it
is best if the Name XML attribute is omitted altogether.

> Now this metadata it only has 1 edugain SP.
> So at the moment it's not a problem to use RelyingPartyId of that
> specific SP.

That's my point: today it is not a problem but tomorrow it will be.

> (And at the moment I only need to use different source attribute for
> displayName --> this easy to solve by creating a displayName-edugain
> attribute and releasing this).

That's a different problem.

> 2) "entity characteristics" ? Do you have any examples for this ?

Anything local to an EntityDescriptor is an "entity characteristic."
For example: entityID, entity attributes, registrar ID, etc.

> Would metadata-providers.xml <MetadataProvider id="..." be something
> thats more future proof ?

No, that's something altogether different and irrelevant to your
question (as I understand it).


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