Help setting up shibboelth 2.5.4 sp with shared session db

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Wed Aug 26 09:43:19 EDT 2015

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>I’m trying to setup a shared session db on my redhat linux shib 2.5.4 SP and am running into some issues. I’m using these config additions to the shibboleth2.xml file and wasn’t sure of the placement so I put them after the <sessions lifetime> section.

The wiki documents the order, there's an XML schema in the distribution, and there's also a full example file included (I think called example-shibboleth2.xml) that shows most/all of the possible elements in the right places.

Before you bother, note there are a ton of major bugs across all the ODBC drivers on Linux of varying versions, so unless this is a randomly lucky combination...

I keep all the bugs filed on that open in Jira, even though they're not our bugs.

>Shibd check error below.
>[root at zapidpaw1 shibboleth]# /usr/sbin/shibd -t
>2015-08-25 16:23:08 ERROR XMLTooling.ParserPool : error on line 39, column 37, message: no declaration found for element 'OutOfProcess'

That seems like a namespace bug, that's very strange. Something's badly corrupt in the file, something fundamental.

-- Scott

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