IdPAuthUserPass - multiple base DN's

Vignesh, Vanna G. vignesh at
Tue Aug 25 07:04:20 EDT 2015

I also tried adding both the ous as baseDn. It is throwing error.
baseDn="OU=People,DC=domain,DC=edu" "OU=Service,OU=AllPeople,DC=domain,DC=edu"

From: Vignesh, Vanna G.
Sent: Tuesday, August 25, 2015 6:32 AM
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Subject: IdPAuthUserPass - multiple base DN's

I am using AD for user authentication. We have users in 2 OUs.
baseDn="OU=People,DC=domain,DC=edu" "OU=Service,DC=domain,DC=edu"
I also tried baseDN at domain level. baseDn="DC=domain,DC=edu". That didn't work either.  How can I enter 2 baseDN's?
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