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On 8/20/15, 9:38 PM, "users on behalf of Tony Pugielli" <users-bounces at on behalf of tpugielli at> wrote:

>Aruba has a feature called automatic sign on. When a user authenticates to wireless via 802.1x and makes a call to a web page that would be authenticated against shibboleth, we intercept the call, send it to ClearPass so it can send a SSO token with the users credentials to the web page so they don't need to login. In this case I believe we are the Idp. I think this is also called SAML chaining.

I really don't know how to translate that into anything I can answer. And there's nothing in SAML that I can think of called chaining.

>I apologize if I am not totally clear. I am not that familiar with SAML but working on getting up to speed on it.

I really don't yet know what part of Shibboleth you're trying to use, and I can't really figure out from that description what you'd be trying to do with that piece. If you have a pointer to documentation or something that outlines something you're having a question about, I might be able to skim it at some point and formulate some kind of advice from the perspective of what I would do if somebody here pointed me to it and asked me to support it.

-- Scott

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