Possible error on IdP v3 documentation?

Robert Bradley robert.bradley at it.ox.ac.uk
Wed Aug 19 15:28:18 EDT 2015

Recently, I have been working on setting up a test IdP v3 server with
multiple RemoteUser authentication flows (single factor vs.
multi-factor).  While I am sure that creating a proper External flow is
the preferred route, this is now working well.  I created the new flow
following the instructions on the ExternalAuthnConfiguration page to
duplicate the existing flow

However, when I followed the instructions as written to create the new
"external" flow, the IdP failed with the error "No attempted
authentication flows set" post-authentication.||  I eventually fixed
this by placing the flow XML files in a directory
flows/authn/<flowname>/, and not directly in flows/authn/.  I have just
updated the Confluence page to include the right path, but is needing
the subdirectory intended?

Dr Robert Bradley
Identity and Access Management, IT Services, University of Oxford

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