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I had a chance to try out the 9.3 documentation you wrote. It mostly worked fine for me. Something that I thought was missing, and went ahead and added, were links to slf4j and logback, since they were mentioned, but not linked to like jetty was.

The only other issue I came across was on trying to initially start jetty, it barked that it couldn't find a missing required file: ${jetty.base}/etc/keystore, and saying to download it, or to run it with --create-files to have it download it. I opted to download it on another machine and copy it to that, when I was then able to get it working successfully. Perhaps it may bear mentioning to have that in the JETTY_BASE Layout?

Brandon McKean

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Brent correctly identified that out instructions about copying module files are wrong and that we do need to use the property files, so we'll get the docs cleaned up. There shouldn't be any copying of .mod files.

The 9.3 examples are rewritten to use property files in start.d/ and elininate all copying of module files.

I still need to redo the 9.2 examples, but those aren't exactly broken, so it's lower priority.

-- Scott

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