shibd 2.5.3 + windows 2k8r2 + Tivoli IdP odd crash in xsec 1.7

Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at
Tue Aug 18 14:01:44 EDT 2015

On 8/18/15, 1:31 PM, "users on behalf of Jerry B. Altzman" <users-bounces at on behalf of jbaltz at> wrote:

>Upgraded just now to

Ok, worth a try.

>2015-08-18 13:26:01 DEBUG OpenSAML.MessageEncoder.SAML2Redirect [1]: signing the message

Well, that wouldn't be anything to do with the IdP, that's the signing of the request. That should happen regardless of IdP, apart from just having it not sign normally and doing that step because of the IdP's metadata.

>Is this a known issue that was fixed between 2.5.3 and 2.5.5?

I'm not following; it's not fixed if you just reproduced it on 2.5.5.

> Shibd did just stop there...any idea where I can look for misconfiguration?

Is your signing key particularly large? That should have been fixed, but worth asking.

Otherwise there's not much I can do without a keypair to reproduce it. If you can generate a test keypair that also crashes, you can certainly attach that to a bug report so I can trace it. I thought originally this was crashing on the response side, so I assumed we could reproduce with just a sample message.

-- Scott

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