Attribute contains multiple values from IdP

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Tue Aug 18 13:00:26 EDT 2015

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>I’ve searched the documentation for SP, and have yet to find a way where shibboleth itself can split / trim values from an attribute that contains more than one value.  For example, we have an IdP sending multiple values, delimited by a semicolon within the eppn attribute.

Well, that's the SP expressing the multiple values that it received by delimiting them. That can happen because an actual multi-valued SAML attribute is received, or because there are multiple SAML attributes mapped to one attribute name/header in the SP configuration.

>Is there something I am missing where the SP will take only the first passed value of the attribute or am I going to have to trim this value at the semicolon?

There is no option in the SP for turning a multi-valued set of data into one value.

-- Scott

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