SP and UseCanonicalName

Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at osu.edu
Tue Aug 18 12:57:09 EDT 2015

On 8/18/15, 12:43 PM, "users on behalf of Brent Putman" <users-bounces at shibboleth.net on behalf of putmanb at georgetown.edu> wrote:
>Some of my colleagues are asking about setting UseCanonicalName=off, and what the potential downside would be.  Based on the docs [1]: They won't be using the RequestMapper, just Apache config, so doesn't seem like the second security-related reason mentioned there is an issue.

No, it's not.

>Other than metadata, are there any non-obvious reasons why the SP will fail with UseCanonicalName=off?  I can't think of any, but hoping others can comment.  It *seems* ok in some basic testing they've done.

No, it's just a metadata issue.

-- Scott

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